Place for Higher Learning and Research

In order to provide a platform to our budding researchers as well as encourage the student community in general to pursue Ph.D., we applied to Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University for recognition as Place for Higher Learning and Research in 2015.

We were first recognized as ‘Place for Higher Learning and Research’ by Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University on 3rd December 2015 vide letter no BCUD/R/G/2015/1318, in the Faculty of Commerce for the subjects:

1) Commerce

(2) Business Economics and

(3) Management

Against an intake of 20 seats, we have enrolled 5 research scholars and conducted research methodology workshops and bi-annual viva as per RTMNU norms.

Since the recognition of our centre was for 5 years, we applied for renewal of recognition and were re-recognized as ‘Place for Higher Learning and Research’ by Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University on 18th October 2021 vide letter No: RTMNU/CDS/2021/4184C/773

RTM Nagpur University has allotted 2 V.C nominees to our Ph. D centre, namely Dr. Sanjay Tekade from Jawahar Lal Nehru College Wadi and Dr. Ruhi Bakhare from Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management, Nagpur.

Research Supervisors

Being a Commerce College, our prioritized research areas are essentially those related to Indian Economy, Commerce & Industry, Accounts, and Business Management.

5 faculty members are registered as Research supervisors in Commerce Faculty and 2 of our faculties are also research supervisors in the field of Marathi and Library Science. The institution has all the necessary facilities to conduct research in these areas.

The following faculty members are registered as Research Supervisors in Commerce Faculty as per the specializations mentioned against their names as well as the areas of research being supervised by them:

Name of Research Supervisor Year of Registration Candidates registered     Status Year of registration Title of thesis Guide letters 
Dr. R. H. Nagarkar 2010 1. CA. Mr. Anurag Bavaria
2. Ms. Shilpa P Yadao


1. An analysis of the existence of causal relationship between economic expectations & business cycles.
2. A study of awareness of people towards health insurance with reference to Nagpur District
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Dr. Archana B. Dadhe 2017 Ms. Nargis Neha Ahmed         Submitted 03-05-2019 An Analytical Study of Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Organizational Climate and Organizational Citizenship behaviour in Private Sector Banks of Nagpur City Click Here
Dr. Mrs. R. T. Sahu 2021 Miss. Piyusha  Telang On-going 21-02-2022 A study on effectiveness of fundamental and technical analysis of Indian stock market & financial cylcle with special reference to Nifty 50 Equity shares Click Here
Dr. V. N. Thangan 2021 1. Shubhangi Dilip Narekar
2. Mr. Rahul A Tiwari


1. “डिजिटल बँकिंग सुविधेमुळे नागपुर शहरातील ग्राहक आणि किरकोळ व्यापारी वर्ग यांच्यावर झालेल्या परिणामांचे विश्लेषणात्मक अध्ययन

2. An Analytical study of the accessibility of UPI payment system and its impact on consumer’s buying behaviour with reference to Nagpur City
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Dr. M. R. Pandey 2013 1. Ms. Kanchan Diwedi
 2. Ms. Neha Baghel


1. A Comparative Study of Marketing Strategies of Telecommunication companies, with special reference to Reliance, Airtel, Idea and BSNL” in Nagpur city.  (2011-2016) 

2. A Comparative Study of Training Programs Conducted By IT Companies and Its Impact on Performance of Their Employees with Special Reference to Nagpur City      
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Dr. D V Chavan 2013 1. Ms. Mamta P Bute
2. Ms. Jayshree R Deshmukh      

डॉ छाया महाजन हयांच्या ललित बादमयाचा चिकित्सक अभ्यास बहिणाबाई चौधरी आणि इंद्रजीत भालेराव यांच्या काव्याचा तौलनिक अभ्यास Click Here

Research Advisory Committee

The research proposals for Ph.D. that are received by us from aspiring scholars are scrutinized by the research advisory committee. The Committee also conducts bi-annual viva of the enrolled research scholars once in every 6 months.

 Research Advisory Committee consists of the following members:

  1. Dr. Praveen Mustoor                     – Principal
  2. Dr. S. Tekade                                – V.C. nominee
  3. Dr. R. Bakhare                              – V.C. nominee
  4. Dr. R.H Nagarkar                          -Supervisor
  5. Dr. M.R Pandey                            -Supervisor
  6. Dr. A.B. Dadhe                             -Supervisor
  7. Dr. R.T Sahu                                 -Supervisor
  8. Dr. V.N Thangan                          -Supervisor
  9. Dr. N. Z Hirani                              -Convenor, Place of Higher Learning and Research
  10. Dr. S.S Gadekar                            -Member, RAC

PH.D Applicants 22-23 – Click Here

List of applicants- 2024 – Click Here

List of Provisional admission candidates – Click Here

Research Methodology Workshop

Three day workshop on ‘Research Methodology’ was organized recently for enrolled research scholars as per the following schedule:

Sr. No Title Date Time
1 Information about Pre-submission viva by Dr. M.R Pandey 18th Dec 2021 11.30 -12.15 pm
2 Lecture on ‘Use of Citation Software’ By Prof Akash S Jain 18th Dec 2021 12.15- 1.30 pm
3 Lecture on ‘Nuances of Thesis writing’ by Dr. Afsar Sheikh 20th Dec 2021 1.30- 3 pm
4 Lecture on ‘ Plagiarism: Bane of Research’ by Dr. Nusrat Z Hirani 21st Dec 2021 11.30- 12.15pm
5 Lecture on ‘Writing research articles’ by Dr. A. B Dadhe 21st Dec 2021 12.15- 1.30 pm

Research Methodology workshop 2022-23

Research & Development Cell and Place for Higher Learning and Research organized a Pre-Ph.D. course work of 60 hours for research scholars enrolled with the centre.

This course work is conducted as per the guidelines issued by RTMNU for Pre- Ph.D. course work and carries 4 credits. All lectures were conducted in the Research Cell in offline mode as per the attached time table- click here