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Library :

The library of G.S. College of Commerce & Economics, Nagpur is a well-equipped hybrid library comprised of over 60,000 printed form of documents and various digital and e-resources. The library is housed in a spacious area of the campus. It is centrally located with area size 839.61 Sq.
Mts. The entire ground floor covering stacking area, Librarians room, issue counters, processing section, reference section, reading room with e-library facility. It utilizes the Integrated Multiuser Library Management Software LIBMAN. It is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and is under surveillance by CCTV cameras. The library has stacked rich collection in the field of Commerce and Management. It also developed special collection on various competitive examinations and literature on various Entrepreneurs, Industrialists in the form of biographies and autobiographies. The first edition of ‘Vande Mataram’ by Arbindo Ghosh in pictures with the English
translation is available in its rare collection. The library subscribes important and latest journals, magazines, newspapers etc. It also has a broad spectrum of general and reference books to support
the academic requirements of the students and faculty members. Apart from its in-house collection, the library also offers full access to thousands of journals online through J-GATE and NLIST. The DELNET database services are available for its clientele. The library also signs MOU to avail Inter Library Loan facility with various premier academic institutions in the city. . The library also has special ABRAR (Audio Book Reader & Recorder) facility for ‘Divyangajan’.

Library Area :

Central library: Ground Floor of the Rear building (Area 839.61 Sq. Mts.)

Library Committee:

SN Name Designation
1 Principal Dr. Praveen Mustoor Chairman
2 Dr. Mrs. D.V. Chavan Member
3 Dr. Mrs. S.D. More Member
4 Dr. V. N. Thangan Member
5 Dr. Mrs. R. Sahu Member
6 Dr. Mrs. S. S. Gadekar Member
7 Prof. P.J. Yadao Member
8 Dr. A. Sheikh Member
9 Shri. R.B. Chauhan Member
10 Student Representative Member
11 Dr. P.M. Paradkar Convenor

Major Responsibilities of the Library Committee are :-

 Library purchases (Sr, UGC, Self finance Courses)
 Continuous improvement in services and processes.
 Overall smooth Functioning of the library.

Working hours : 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM on all working days.

Circulation service :- Library circulation comprises the activities around the lending of library books and other material to users. It consists of service related to issue, return and renewal of books to patrons. Teaching staff can borrow 20 books & Non-teaching staff 10 books for a month. U.G. students can borrow 04 books and PG students 06 books at a time, for a week. Reading/Reference room facility: College library provides a reading/reference room facility to students. A special provision to accommodate around 120 users has been made in the cool and conducive atmosphere of the library.

E-Library :- The special computer facility with unlimited internet is available for students to access various on-line resources. A special cubicle with state of the art ICT facilities is available for the research scholars.
Current awareness service: College library provides the current awareness service to the users through new arrivals display or display the list of new books. The purpose of CAS is to inform the users about new acquisitions in the library. The users can update about new arrivals through M- OPAC.

Reference service:- Service provided by Librarian and library staff whereby users are assisted to the location and retrieval of information relevant to their information needs. It is the personal interaction between the users and the staff. There are various reference materials available i.e. Encyclopedias, Yearbooks, Dictionaries, Bibliographies and other On-line resources. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue): The OPAC can be used to search the holdings of the library and to request or reserve books, to search items available in the library, to find a book on the shelf. Users may search the OPAC for a book, note the call number, and search the relevant
shelves. Users can ask for help from library staff in case of difficulty in finding the required book.

M-OPAC:- Mobile Online Public Access Catalogue service is available for users. User can explore these services by downloading M-OPAC App through play store. They can access the On-line catalogue and also see the new arrivals in the library. The users can also have access to OPAC of
other premier institutions.

User assistance service:- Librarian who assist, advise, and instruct users in accessing all forms of recorded knowledge. The library staff also provides necessary assistance to users from time to time. Library orientation/Awareness/Sensitization: The library conducts orientation/awareness/sensitization program for the first year students to aware them with library services and facilities.
Syllabus and question papers: Syllabus and last year's question papers are provided by the library to users on demand. The users can access it by referring college website.

Inter library loan (ILL) service:- The users can access the information of other libraries in the city with prior permission of the Librarian. The library signed MOU with all important libraries in the city.

Library extension activities:- The library organize various extension activities inclusive of Book display, monthly book exhibitions, celebration of Dr. S.R. Ranganthan Day, Book review competition and Shabd forum activities.

Special collection: The library special collection inclusive of 109 years of National Geographic in CD Roms, Marathi Vishwakosh in CD form, Gandhian Literature, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar collection, Jawaharlal Nehru collection, Vinoba Bhave Collection, Swami Vivekanand collection etc.

Abrar service:- College library also provides services to Divyangajan. They can access the Audio Book Reader and Recorder (ABRAR) a special unit procured by the library.

Suggestion box:- Suggestion box is available to students and staff members for useful suggestions and recommendation in the library.

Library calendar:- Every year library displays the library calendar of its yearly activities on the notice board.

Library human resources:
Dr. P. M. Paradkar( MLISc, SET,PhD) – Librarian
Mr. P. B. Kolhe – Asst. Librarian
Mr. R. B. Chauhan – Lib. Attendant
Mr. N. L. Mate – Lib. Attendant
Ms. H. B. Bambal – Lib. Attendant

Self Finance Courses:
Ms. A. Kolhe – Lib. Assistant
Ms. P. Chopde – Lib. Assistant
Ms. M.Padolkar – Lib. Assistant

Library Collection at Glance:

Total collection 52219
Periodicals Subscribed 40
Newspapers 14
Periodicals received on gratis 08
Bound Volumes of Journals 508
Thesis/Dissertations/Projects 2200+
Maps 10
E Library Collection E-Books- 100000+E-Journals 5000+

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