Library Info

Library Area

Central library: Ground Floor of the Rear building (Area 5833 Sq ft.)

Working hours of the Library

Book Issue Counters:  8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Reference Room, Reading Room: 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

Library Advisory Committee:

SN Name Designation
1 Dr. N. Y. Khandait Principal/President
2 Dr. P. M. Paradkar Librarian/Secretary
3 Dr. S. D. More Faculty Member
4 Dr. V. N. Thangan Faculty Member
5 Dr. N. Z. Hirani Faculty Member
6 Dr. A. A. Purohit Faculty Member
7 Prof. S. G. Kathaley HOD, Languages
8 Dr. D. V. Chavan HOD, Marathi
9 Dr. N. Kalyani HOD, Hindi
10 Prof. P. J. Yadao HOD., Dept. of IT
11 UR Student Representative

Library Collection at Glance:

Total collection 52219
Periodicals Subscribed 40
Newspapers 14
Periodicals received on gratis 08
Bound Volumes of Journals 508
Thesis/Dissertations/Projects 2200+
Maps 10
E Library Collection E-Books- 100000+E-Journals 5000+

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