Principal’s Message

Welcome to the First Autonomous Commerce College in the Central India!!!

It is a matter of great pride to be a part of G. S. College of Commerce & Economics, Nagpur, and a greater privilege to share its raison d’etre with all the stakeholders.

G.S. College of Commerce & Economics, Nagpur, a NAAC-accredited ‘A’-Grade institution, has always remained a pioneer institution since its inception in 1945, and has given shape and substance to Commerce Education in the Nagpur University (now RTM Nagpur University) to establish itself as one of the premier commerce colleges in Central India. Now nearing its Diamond Jubilee in 2020, the college has added another dimension to its already rich profile by virtue of its Fresh Autonomous Institution Status from the session 2018-19 to become the First Autonomous Commerce College in not only the RTM Nagpur University but the whole of Central India: yet another pioneering decision to take Commerce Education to new heights and yet another reason for students of the region to seek entry to this edifice of Commerce Education.

Generally identified as the flagship college of Shiksha Mandal, Wardha, G. S. College of Commerce & Economics, Nagpur, owes much of its identity and character to its founding institution Shiksha Mandal.

Shiksha Mandal, founded in 1914 by Shri Jamanalal Bajaj, whom Gandhiji regarded as his fifth son, is itself steeped in history as it played a significant role in India’s freedom struggle including participation in ‘Quit India’ movement. Inspired by Gandhiji’s call of ‘Education of Indians by Indians’ at the National Conference on Nai Talim at Wardha in 1937, Shiksha Mandal, which in fact hosted the conference, established the first Commerce college in Nagpur University at Wardha in 1940 as an urgent societal need and soon followed it up by setting up G. S. College of Commerce & Economics at Nagpur, the first Commerce college in the city, in 1945.

Shiksha Mandal has also been privileged to receive blessings from such eminent personalities as Pt. Nehru, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Khan Abdul Gafar Khan, Dr F.A. Ahmed, Dr Rajendra Prasad, Dr Radhakrishnan and a host of other great souls belonging to India’s pre- and post-Independence narratives, who visited our institutions and encouraged us to work with a renewed zeal.  Nationalism, Gandhian philosophy, commitment to social and national causes, fulfillment of students’ aspirations for quality education at an affordable cost, and inculcation of values among the youth have shaped the ethos of  Shiksha Mandal, Wardha and they still form the mainstay of our existence.

At present, the legacy of offering self-less service to the cause of education and imbibing values in the young generation is steadfastly being preserved and added to by Shri Rahul Bajaj, Chairman, Bajaj Auto Ltd., under whose dynamic leadership Shiksha Mandal, celebrated its centenary in 2014-15 in the august presence of the Hon’ble President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee. Shiksha Mandal’s contribution to society in general and education in particular has also been acknowledged by all the stakeholders on various occasions. Recently, the RTM Nagpur University also conferred upon Shiksha Mandal its inaugural ‘Ideal Educational Institution Award’ for the year 2014-15.

Rooted in such a legacy, G. S. College of Commerce & Economics, Nagpur started its journey as the first Commerce College in the city and soon became a pioneer Commerce College in the then C.P. & Berar Province. It started with B.Com. and continued to offer various UG/PG/Certificate/Diploma courses to student community from time to time with a vision to provide as many Commerce courses as possible under one roof.  Since 1945, the college has been serving the cause of Commerce Education with unparalleled commitment living true to its logo of “Udyoginam Purushsinham Urpeti Laxmi” (Industrious and lion-hearted men generate wealth).

The combination of educational excellence, value-based education, societal outlook and fair practices have lent to the institution a  very distinctive character owing to which we still remain the most preferred destination for Commerce education in Central India as can be seen from our admission profile. Autonomy will further enrich the academic character of the college and enable it to multiply its batches of industrious and lion-hearted youth through the most competent syllabi and rigorous evaluation systems which will now be streamlined by the college.

Good governance, visionary leadership and constant support from Shiksha Mandal have enabled us to strengthen our systems for optimum output in all areas. The process of growth and development is unending and as continuous as the quest for perfection. We, too, at G. S. College, Nagpur have long been the active participants in the quests for academic excellence and all-round perfection. Novelty and innovations have thus become an order of the day for us as we regularly start new ventures and activities for an all-round development of our students to ensure that our students emerge as not only academically competent but also professionally sound and ready to serve the society in various positions.

The number of merit positions in all courses, the trophies won in all sorts of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, growing number of visiting companies for campus recruitment and significant placements all point to the fact that the college is well on its way to achieve the targets that it has set for itself and is also in position to set new goals as has been recently done by Shiksha Mandal which has announced its agenda for the next 100 years in the form of 100% results with 100% first division, 100% placements and impeccable character of our students through  the conscious cultivation of national, social, ethical and moral values.

Yes. As much as we want our students to become industrious and lion-hearted young men as well as professionals of the top drawer, we also want them to be good citizens with strong moral and ethical base. So even as there is cut-throat competition in education sector, we have successfully preserved our ideals and steadfastly kept at bay all unscrupulous practices. We expect our students to contribute to this legacy and to preserve our basic institutional character.

Over a period of seven decades, the college has intensified its commitments to the society and kept on enhancing the quality of education much to the benefit of all our stakeholder community. The college also owes its distinctive character, culture and tradition to all its stakeholders and patrons who have reposed faith in us and patronized us through thick and thin to make us a brand name in Commerce Education in this part of the world.

The present GS set-up whereas upholds this legacy and tradition, it also wants to add to it by scaling new heights and reaching new benchmarks, with no allusions to achievements though.

Here, at GS and Shiksha Mandal, we believe that educational excellence is not an achievement but responsibility.

Dr. Praveen Mustoor