Student Quality Assurance Cell

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Student Quality Assurance Cell (SQAC)

(Bridge and Remedial Classes)


Dr.Rashi Arora-Convener



Shri. S. Satpute(NT)

Objectives of SQAC

SQAC nomenclature contains ‘Bridge’ and ‘Remedial’ classes. Accordingly, following are the objectives of the committee:

Bridge Class

  • To bridge the gap between non-commerce and commerce knowledge base for first year UG non-commerce background students and by doing so creating a smooth transition for the non-commerce students from non-commerce to commerce stream.
  • To enable non-commerce background students to adapt with the basic concepts of commerce at UG level and accelerate their learning process.
  • For students from commerce background, to bridge the gap between pre-graduation and graduation level subjects

Remedial Class

  • To provide assistance to slow learners/ ATKT students to clear supplementary examination and progress to the next academic level.

SQAC Committee Outcomes

  • The knowledge provided in bridge classes enables commerce and non-commerce background students in learning the concepts of commerce successfully.
  • Remedial classes assist the slow learners/ ATKT students to successfully clear the supplementary examination.