The Cell encourages the teachers to publish quality research papers and also to participate in and organize seminars, conference and workshops. The faculty members of our college have published a large number of papers in national journals, while some papers have been published in EBSCO and other international journals with impact factor.

Faculty members have also authored several books and presented research papers in seminars and conferences.


Books and chapters in books published by Faculties in year 2020-21

Sr. No. Name of the Teacher Title of the Book published Title of the Chapter published Year and month of publication ISBN of the Book/Conference Proceeding
1 Dr.A. B Dadhe Objectives & MCQs in Marketing Management For all Competitive & Entrance Examinations January ,2021 978-93-5433-205-0
2 Dr.A. B Dadhe Objectives & MCQs in International Business  Management For all Competitive & Entrance Examinations January,2021 978-93-5433-197-8
3 Dr. N.H Kalyani Covid- 19 , Impact And Responses लॉक डाउन के परिदृश्य में मानसिक स्वास्थ्य के विषय में जनता में जागरूकता सृजन (chapter) Oct-20 978-93-88901-11-6
4 Dr. N.H Kalyani Unveiling The Boundaries Of Gender Issues स्त्री विमर्श – प्राचीन युग से आधुनिक कल तक (chapter) May-21 978-93-91248-06-02
5 Dr. N.H Kalyani विकलांग -दिव्यांग विमर्श विकलांग -दिव्यांग विमर्श – सफर की धुप एक समीक्षा (chapter) Jun-21 978-93-8135-163-0
6 Dr. N.H Kalyani अनकहे अल्फ़ाज़  (book)(co-author)   Nov-20 978-81-946643-6-9
7 Dr. A. N Akarte Objectives & MCQs in Project Management For all Competitive & Entrance Examinations Jan-21 978-93-5433-213-5
8 Dr. A. N Akarte Objectives & MCQs in Organizational Behaviour For all Competitive & Entrance Examinations Jan-21 978-93-90436-62-0

We strongly promote publication ethics and teachers are regularly informed about UGC rules relating to plagiarism/ self- plagiarism. The list of UGC recognized journals, list of cloned journals and other such information is circulated amongst staff members regularly. We also have an anti –plagiarism committee that regularly checks the publications of our faculty and ensures that they meet the high standards set by UGC.

Research Culture:

The college has taken several steps to promote research culture among the faculty. They include enhancement of infrastructure facilities, improvement in library facilities, provision of NRC (Network Resource Centre), subscription to more research journals, provision of N-List facility etc. The college provides various facilities to teachers for their quality up-gradation and our kind management also provides seed money for research in case there is no research funding from UGC or other bodies. Owing to this encouragement, as many as 28 teachers of all departments, on the college’s rolls, have Ph.D. qualifications and 5 of them are also research supervisors.

Research Guides

Being a Commerce College, our prioritized research areas are essentially those related to Indian Economy, Commerce & Industry, Accounts, and Business Management. 5 faculty members are registered as Research supervisors in Commerce Faculty and some of our faculties are also research supervisors in the field of English, Marathi and Library Science. The institution has all the necessary facilities to conduct research in these areas.

To ensure the creation of a vibrant research atmosphere, we regularly organize guest lectures of renowned scholars to guide our teachers and students.