Sports Department

  1. Name of the Committee: Sports Committee
  2. Committee members:
  • Dr. Praveen Mustoor,  Principal & Chairman
  • Dr. A.H.Sakalkale, Convenor
  • Prof. A. J. Tiwari, Member
  • Prof. M. V. Purohit, Member
  • Prof. A.S. Jain, Member
  • Shri Rahul Khanorkar, Member  (Non Teaching)

Objectives & Scope:

  1. To provide a platform to the students for their games talent through practice sessions and participation.
  2. To develop health related physical fitness of students through various Camps, Clinics, Workshops, Intra-class competitions and daily practice sessions.
  3. To provide all required sports facilities and infrastructure to all college students.
  4. To motivate students to participate in all kinds of activities related with sports.
  5. To develop and maintain sports infrastructure.
  6. To increase number of participation of students in sports.
  7. To train and motivate students to attain high level of sports participation.

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